Servicing Western Canada

The Company and all it's employees are responsible for supporting the safety program and to commit to
providing a healthy and safe work environment. All personnel are to participate in identifying safety issues
and concerns, communicating safety information and awareness, investigating incidents and accidents,
wearing appropriate safety and personal protective gear, and the maintenance of all safety and
operating equipment,to meet or exceed industry and legislated standards.

Managers and supervisors are to actively support and provide training programs, ensure that safe work
policies and procedures are followed and to remedy unsafe working conditions. Each company member
has an obligation to protect the public at large, prevent damage or loss to the environment and to maintain
and operate equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Safety activities shall take precedence overall in the
prevention of accident or injury.

All personnel have the right and responsibility to report unsafe conditions, and to refuse to work in situations
deemed to be hazardous or immediately dangerous to life and health.

Conditions of employment with FreightLand Carriers Inc. Includes:

  • A current Alberta Transportation, Truck and Trailer Inspection Certificate (C.V.I.P) updated annually.
  • Abiding by all safety standards outlined above
  • A valid driver's licence
  • Insurance and Registration
  • A copy of Carrier Profile
  • Current Abstract
  • Maintaining Drive Safe Operation Hours by handing in daily Logbook Reports to us
  • Daily Trailer Inspection Reports